About Me & My Bourgie Baby

Me & My Bourgie Baby started when the baby was a figment of a budding mother's imagination. Though I wasn't ready for what pregnancy could bring, the adventure has been absolutely priceless. With various revelations of baby purring, raising myself, and a toddler's thanatos reflex, this blog is a tongue-in-cheek, scholar-gone-mom's examination of motherhood, parenting, love, feminism, hegemony, and all the things that impact my Little Family. I will blow your mind with the obscure philosophical ramblings of Martin Buber and Soren Kierkegaard and embed hide-n-seek context clues SO CLICK THOSE LINKS...you might just learn something.

While navigating the wiles of Black stereotypes and gender construction, my bourgie baby and I are learning the ropes in becoming models of finer Black womanhood without losing ourselves to the madness of this post-racial fantasy land. We've been going hit or miss since 2007, but the kid is growing and I have so much to fear, learn, and dissect as I attempt to raise a well-adjusted, matriarchal powerhouse who will bring the patriarchy to her knees but who will dress and strut her stuff with the best of them.

About the Bourgie Baby

With an affinity for brussel sprouts and Target Chickadees, the Bourgie Baby is lovingly known as Noodle to the web. An awesome kid with a knack for ruining packs of crayons and misplacing Mommy's tupperware, she spends her days at daycare discussing her love for Yo Gabba Gabba, Usher's "There Goes My Baby", and the problems with the push to privatize public education funding. Classy and stylish, she is a well-adjusted toddler currently living at home with her parents.