Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I cut my hair and my baby still recognizes me

She is actually slobberingly enthusiastic to see me when I make it in at 6pm. Sometimes I feel like a part time mommy b/c i commute 2 hours (going and coming back) to get to my 8 hour + 1 hour lunch break job. By the time I get home, the sun is waning, the birds are chirping and twittering their evening songs, the gentle lull of primetime television induces fellow neighbors into a stupor until's off to bed.
In the three months, two weeks, and six days she has been here (Thanks Lilypie), my Noodle and I have been through some changes. She has doubled her weight and then some; her little afro rivals her mommies; she has filled out all her newborn clothes; she talks, babbles, slobbers, and plays - we got us a real live baby like on the t.v. Every morning, I sing her "Good Morning 2 U" song and she just eats it up. She has garnered more nicknames than I can remember that my hubbie complains she may not know what her name is. My Noodle, My Pearlie, My Cheese-n-Crackers, My Canoodler, My Drummy Tum, My Baby.

My changes seemed to be packaged with a sense of renewal and humiliation. I don't beleaguer over the small stuff like excessive spit-up (really, how can you measure the stuff...that's what I wonder when the doctor asks me, "Well, how much spit up is it?"), the ever changing BM, and those little bumps. Once I stopped mini-stressing over this stuff, I had more time to bond with my Noodle. I cut nearly 8 inches of my hair...I partly regretted it, but then, I feel relieved to not have to deal with all that hair. I'm so low maintenance that its a wonder I actually grew it out that much.

I"m not even sure I can call what I have a post-partum body. My weight is all over the place, but I have finally gotten to the point I can squeeze in some yoga and sit-ups (I can feel it!). There are other medical things going on so if you want to know more, you got to call or email me.

Other than that, I've been watching my little bourgie baby grow before my eyes on a daily basis. I damn near take pictures of her on a daily basis. I mean, just look at her:

My hubbie and I reminisce on when we could hold her in one hand and now she is a bubbling ball of baby brown...and those beautiful brown peepers she's got!
Ain't I the gushing mom.
Even though she's growing so fast and I'm cherishing every moment, I have to think about what she's going to be like when she's walking and talking. What type of questions would my bourgie baby ask me, I wonder...

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