Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Questions only a Bourgie Baby Would Ask...

Check out Funny Face Baby...I do believe those are the first inclinations of a Power Fist!

So, in a previous post, I pondered what type of questions a bourgie baby may ask of me one day...

Well, at least my child, anyway:

1. Mommy, why do you hate Flavor Flav so much?

2. Mama, will I be a glamazon with those big things like you got one day?

3. Why are we too cool for school but you make me go everyday?

4. Can I get my Ph.D. one day, too?

5. Why do the other kids hate on me for doing my work?

6. You got all these are so ancient mom! When are you coming into the new era with us?

7. Who is Paul Laurence Dunbar and why did he keep caged birds?

8. Why does everybody want to be a basketball or football player?

9. What does Steve Harvey look like without a moustache?

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