Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forgiveness is as natural as crying

I have come believe that a mother's forgiveness is necessary in the sustainability of any mother-daughter relationship. Lord knows me and my mom had our blow ups during my teenage years but I know right now, she is somewhere sipping coffee, humored by my weariness dealing with a toddler adamant on stinging me with the tears of guilt, as if pelted from some junior sized laser gun.

As I type these words, she is literally inching into our bedroom, looking pitiful...peering at me under-eyed carrying an empty Easter basket...hoping, just hoping, I will take her out of timeout. It's been going for 15 minutes, with no end in sight.

Doesn't she realize that Black people operate on the wish factor?
Maybe she IS operating on the wish factor..."I wish mommy would put me in timeout!" She's not even taking me seriously. Her tears - only crocodile tears; her misery - only the oldest trick in the book. She doesn't even take me seriously.
Just look at the little monster:

It's not to this point but I know, it will all come in time...

Maybe, I should take the advice of Tichina Arnold on her blog, Beat and Keep it Movin'...

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Jenny said...

Aw shes so cute! I know I would have a hard time not feeling guilty too! I love your blog!