Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stinky down but not out

I am beyond elated! I've had to go to Twitter and Facebook seeking help from my fellow mothers in the struggle, those who've seen the perils of poopy for some advice. I've heard advice from putting cheerios into the potty to 20 minute field trips to the pot. Well my sisters, I followed the ques of a toddler on the edge of no return and I ran her to the potty and ploomp! ploomp! Success!

I would post pictures but that would gross. You wouldn't want to look at something like that. Not even something as gross as this...

What the hell is going on over there at Huffington Post?

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Michele Renee said...

I feel everything your saying. I had the potty struggle 3 times but my son was the worse, he just wouldn't. Then one day I was talking about this over the phone and lil man just up and used the toilet.
Sis, I congratulate u on dealing with the stress. And as cliche as this sounds, like me one day you'll yearn for these times.Thanks for sharing, stay strong and Be Blessed Shel