Monday, January 25, 2010

Cooked Noodles can be the worst Noodles of all

Well's been 2 years in the game now and I'm not sure if I'm any wiser about this whole motherhood thing. In some ways, I think I have taken some steps back since Noodle has blown the lid off of toddler-hood. I'm about sick of Noggin turned Nick Jr...I'm always surprised by what shows she will like...what she'll actually eat.

I hear her peacefully watching Lazy Town (EXCUSE ME?!) and eating her left over oatmeal. Most days, she would toss both to the side and would rather put on my shoes and walk around in them. Once upon time, all that would satisfy my little babe was a bowl of mashed potatoes and grilled chicken. Now, she raves about butternut squash and the wonders of hummus. She scoffs at the sight of mashed potatoes, but have no fear: as my friend Laurie would say, tater tots are still her "jam".

I've made peace with the fact that my little Noodle is growing up. We have both waged an epic battle over the potty, and 3 out of 5 visits would agree, we are making progress. But there are those days where I could pull my afro apart when she would rather be engrossed with DJ Lance than the Rubberband Man; get your cane little one and run your ass to the bathroom!

My miniature version of moi is just as finicky and attidunal as me; as with every cut eye she makes and selfish toddler diatribes of "I don't want dat!" & "Mine!" & "I wanna eat eat Mommy" & "Let's go!", there are times where I have to realize, she doesn't know any better...this is just a stage in development. I spend most days overwhelmed by her selfishness and ponder could my story end up on Law & Order if I just dropped her off at the local fire station and never looked back...?

Nah! That's not even me. Maybe this woman who may be duly dealing with her own and her eventual toddlers' selfishness. We'll just reminder, it's purely natural to feel overwhelmed that you would act out in ways like this. Nah, I'm not giving up on my Noodle, no matter hard boiled she may seem at times. Sometimes she turns down the temperature and becomes my little baby again.

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Mas said...

hey sis! i love your honesty and can definitely understand your pain (though I just teach the babies and happily send them home to their mommies/daddies at 6pm). I applaud how well you are doing this mommy-thing. Ola, Mas