Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cravings Report: Ho Chi Mean Green

so I was telling Daddy Kaboom, "What about Chinese tonight?", all the while giving in to the fact that we're making sloppy joes as i type. What I wouldn't do for a sushi roll or some sesame chicken and sauteed, crunchy, delicately salted green beans.

Cravings haven't been much of an issue and nothing bizarre. everybody has been telling me about the ice cream and pickles to where the schtick of it is just, well, a little like flat ginger ale - not satisfying unless i'm burping.

Foods me and my bourgie baby love:
Grilled Chicken Deluxe from Wendy's = extra tomatoes and pickles please
Loaded Omelet biscuit or some type of sausage biscuit from Hardees
Mango ice cream - the off brand kind from Winn Dixie - it's the best and i grew up on it
Big salads (think Seinfeld)
Baked french fries or just anything potato-y (helps the nausea somehow)
A big hunk of pizza from Sam's Club - it's not just for bulk shopping
Breakfast....when six a.m. hits, i'm famished and headed to the kitchen for a country breakfast...

Just like yesterday morning, I had the most fabulous breakfast: thick, creamy, hot grits, fried green tomatoes, country rind bacon (yeah, we minimally partake in the swine - kick rocks), country biscuits with fat free butter spray; even though i was too lazy to fry up some eggs, the Gaines-Griggs klan ate very well. Such a memorable breakfast for some reason. I know what you're thinking: how could me and my bourgie baby partake in such low brow cuisine? are we slumming for a meal to brag to our friends that we partook in such random choices for our delicate and refined palates, as if they were delicacies that "those people" eat?

Such is the quandary for this blog. This blog is dedicated the confabulations of an educated country girl trying to make it in this world with a cast of characters and a globular of life in utero. But I tell you what, me and this bougie baby ate the hell out of the breakfast and it was still filling with out having to be a buffet.



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