Monday, July 23, 2007

The Initial Mother Wit

it has been confirmed. that beautiful blob is my little bourgie baby bka as Lil Bug - gender specific alterations will happen once they are confirmed.

its all a little surreal. my first doctor's visit was very uneventful. talk to dr. haha, get buck naked waist down, and we'll take it from there. when i saw the little blob, a feeling of warmth, literally, came over me. i guess it's that initial motherly love and wit you get, if you truly possess it. i even saw his little arms wiggling...he was just lying there, perhaps talking to God, configuring his life's plan, which he will forget in a few months...

i saw the cutest baby furniture that i'm sure will suit my bourgie baby...i mean how can you have a bourgie baby and you ain't got the color scheme going...i should get my priorities straight, but my so-called middle class values are inhibiting me from thinking practically. we all want our children to have the best, but somehow that never worked in my case. i think i did just fine with "ok" or "slightly damaged" or "irregular" or "mildly dented", even "salvage". why do we create bourgie babies?
but back to that baby the color schemes are minty turquoise and chocolate...very neutral, preppy for a boy, retro for a little girl, perfect for mommy - the unofficial pseudo-nursery decorator....well maybe not a nursery, but my bourgie baby will have a room in the apartment which will also suffice as an office...a nook of its own. My unapologetically metrosexual friend-brother, Toby1Kenobi, laughingly told me that strangely, he knew exactly what colors they were and agreed that they were a nice touch...or did he...i just remember him saying something about yellow and if! Clearly not bourgie enough! Yellow and blue are the colors of necessity and practicality, unisex conglomerations of outfits found at any department store. Minty turquoise and chocolate, that's pizzazz, totally UN-random, not found in bulk and on every shelf. Lil Bug will be a trendy, kick ass, individual - I'll even settle for fashionable eccentric. We shall see (I just have to laugh at myself).

my hubby, whom we'll call Daddy Kaboom, was simply delighted with this blurred picture, but it's so nice that we are sharing this experience together, happily and on purpose. Surely he has that explosive shot that has "gotten" me in this blessed situation despite the nausea and wooziness sent from hell. It has made me the Lesser Phenomenal Woman because "Still, I lie, less phenomenally, in sickness, I lie in wake..."

I write myself down in blog's history/
With my bitter, frank truths/
I may fly in nausea's pursuit/
And still, like phlegm, I lie...


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