Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Mama Used to Say...(pregnancy back story)

*Post was originally intended on being posted December 16, 2007*

That having a child will bring you closer to death. Those sentiments are strongly resonating with me, seeing that I have to check into the hospital for "monitoring". One of my worst fears has popped up in the final weeks of my third trimester: gestational diabetes...

You'd think I was going on a spa visit the way my doctor was putting it: "You'll be checking in and we'll feed you a special diet and we'll be monitoring you, if things don't get better, we may try some insulin, ya know...probably will take about 24 hours...it'll be fine."

I'm not really worrying b/c I can't really blame myself...this shit just popped up. Look how sad I was at the hospital for my 3 day stint (it seemed endless):

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