Thursday, February 7, 2008

3 Week Notice (post-partum back story)

*Post originally intended on being posted February 6, 2008)*

"This is my two weeks notice/ I resign my position/ becuz you ain't treating me right..."

I am beyond notice even though motherhood isn't something you can opt out of, that is, for the morally upright. Maternity leave....yeah, it is the typical humdrum of "Feed Me Hold Me Burp Me Change Me Love Me Console Me Burp Me Feed Me Change Me Figure Me Out FOREVER MAMA!" That's what I hear everytime she shouts out, not cry out, in tragic fury that any small 3 week old baby can muster out. Where does she pull the lung strength, I wonder?

But, maternity leave has been like a job itself, without the lunch break, annual leave accumulation, water cooler chat, meetings, 15 minute break, the cafeteria (you prepared this for me? thanks!). All I get is massive amounts of free time to think about how my social life is at a stand still. How much of our social lives is tied into our job...I need to work on that. I need some regional friends. I also get to hob knob with my doctor during brief post-partum check-ups...and what fun and delight at Noodle's Well Baby Check-ups (are they peeling the skin off that child in that back room) with her pediatrician, Dr. Bologna (her real name is an African derivative very close in spelling) though we call her that behind her back. I await the day I have a slip of the tongue and call her that.

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Niketa Reed said...

Dr. Bologna....only you!