Friday, March 7, 2008

Noodle: The Adventures of Black Super Baby or The Proud Black Mama Chronicles

*Title Credit: Thanks Keta! Too bad I don't have comic strip skills - might have to contract me an artist*

Last time we checked in on this blog, we saw Noodle on an ultrasound, days before she were to enter the world.

"OK, just breathe, Mama!" As the needle was rammed just kilter of my navel, I realized that getting an amniocentesis (my second one) has to be one of the most alarming and awkwardly uncomfortable pains I've ever felt before. And I'm not sure why they ask you if you are OK when you are clearly in pain; yet, we respond, "I'm alright!"
Anywho, my bourgie baby finally made it here January 17th at 2:08pm and what an adventure. I'll spare you the graphic and gruesome details of my c-section (scarred for life, again) but yes, Lord, we made it!

My Noodle...her adventures began when my preggers belly finally popped out in a very noticeable way in December. I was waddling, I was breathing hard, I was ravenous, I craved hot melty cheese and shredded wheat...I was a merciless, carnivorous horse, but a cute one. Check me out in my full glory...I was quite cute...We were on our way to devour Thai food on New Year's Eve...not enough meat or calories...we ended up at Sonic at the end of the night.

Embracing Motherhood has been an emotional journey, and it's only been 7 weeks and a day. I had my dark week of post-partum depression (my God, was that shit man-made?) and I'm so glad I got through that. I definitely don't want to be like these tricks. But I love my Noodle...I remember when she was rocking and rolling underneath my right rib...geez, I couldn't sit down most days. But once she got here, I realized what she's been doing in my womb:

a little bit of this:

a whole lot of this:

a clabber of that:

My baby got them kara-tay skills...but oh, how I suffered. She was so "verbal" with her arms and hands when she made it out, I had to wonder if all that flailing and moving was normal.

But embracing motherhood makes you wonder in these first weeks of life if your baby even likes you. They are so demanding they come off angry and agressive. She yelled, screamed, and hollered like a mad bull when she was hungry, sleepy, or passed a BM...and it's like she's been stabbed and gouged out when she passes a BM. I just hope in the coming weeks, she will learn to appreciate what I do or I will have to put her out! Now I see why mothers are always complaining how they feel underappreciated it...I had to go buy myself some trouser socks and clearance earrings to feel better (gotta love shopping therapy).

But you must say, we are quite cute! Even at 4am:

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