Monday, March 10, 2008

I stay woke

Been listening to the new Erykah Badu, finally...folks were trippin if you hadn't bought it on the day it came out...sorry, Black folks work 40 hours a week and we live for the weekend.

So, what if there were no niggas, just "master teachers"? Would we be telling everybody what to do? Some people may take it there, but, I stay woke, too, Silly E. Badu. Keep your third eye open.

Anywho, me and Super Noodle been building together. We've been working out the gas and spit up issues (she's so gross!) but I must say, this kid is reflecting my light. Check her out watching CNN this morning:

Look at the intense brow line...this little sister is critically engaged despite the spin.
But our nights are getting better. Me and Daddy are so happy that she's sleeping in 4-4.5 hour stretches. Folks with kids know that is huge! Finally, I can finish a sleep cycle.
Took her to see her granny and great granny and great aunts last they gush over her! The elder women of my family amaze me. They badger me and Dad about spoiling her but at the first site of her stirring from her nap in her car seat, they were eager to scoop her up and brag on all the things her infantile body can do:
Chile, look at how she hold that head up!
That gal know she can squirm...
Look at her going back to sleep...she know she knocked out like somebody clucked her upside the head.
That's my bourgie baby.


Leoninatl said...


Don't think I've been ignoring you or your blog. Grad school and starting a new job is crazy!

Anonymous said...

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Pandechion said...
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Pandechion said...

Late to the party, but I had my first baby last year at the ripe old age of forty, and this song used to make me cry my eyes out as I held brand-new her.