Friday, August 24, 2007

Headaches are for the Strong Willed

They truly are. I've been battling them all week. My obgyn claims, comically, "you know, pregnant women get headaches." Isn't that a human condition...?

Anywho, still adjusting to the new job. I'll save my comments for personal and casual conversations with close friends at a secure time and place.

Lil Bug has been moving around so i've been feeling that butterfly fishy swimmy feeling. It's pretty cool. My belly is getting on out there. It's so time to go shopping for my maternity guise.

I'm allowing my Tylenol Rapid Release do their thing and I feel better than I did 12 minutes ago. I can imagine the little Acetaminophen Army who look like little muscle bound men stomping into my arteries and vessels, and when they get to their designated location, they stand resolute and hold out their muscle bound arms stretching out my vessels to allow adequate blood flow and release the tension building. Unfortunately, they just get pissed out when the job's done.

I talked to my brother from another mother, Toby1Kenobi today who always keeps me laughing - it came in handy this morning while I was sitting here bored at work. Me & Him have been having headaches of our own, particularly with haters - which is why I changed the bourgie song of the moment to Little Brother's "Hate". It's so right on time. I hate haterous mugs - such a waste of time and space. They always have hate for that. They hate on themselves because they hate themselves.

Anywho, headaches are a clear sign that you are fighting some type of adversity, whether biological or traitorous. I just have to remind myself of this: "But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity: redeem me, and be merciful unto me. My foot standeth in an even place..." - Psalms 27:11-12.

And that's the word!

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