Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nostril Report: Do you smell what the baby is cooking?

I put this picture in b/c it's so cute...anyway,
I have been smelling a grab bag of different foods lately.

My husband was talking with his hands yesterday, and I swore he secretly indulged in fresh boiled crab yesterday with out me.

While sitting in bed with him, chit chatting, I clearly smelled a fresh sheet cake with buttercream icing. It was so fresh. My chops runneth over...I have a day dreamy nose.

Anywho, sitting at work, bored as hell right now. I must say, I've had a bit of an attitude today. Self-imposed I must say; though I wonder if Lil Bug had anything to do with it. I was so tired this morning after sleeping for 9 hours interrupted (Halleleujah!). It was pretty rough for me. I was very whiney this morning. I surprised myself. Weepy from sleepiness, lethargic while eating breakfast, the dragginess of my heavy belly (he's only the size of a lemon yet I feel heavy), and a determined husband who can't rub my feet or show some compassion to his ailing and dying wife while he prepares for work...it was rough on me this morning.

Pregnancy does seem like some type of terminal illness. A little life/being sucking out all the nutrients and when you birthed them into the world, you could very well take the wrong road at the Crossroads (I faintly hear Bone, Thugs, and Harmony in my consciousness somewhere). My mama always told me you damn near die bringing a child into the world; but she supplicates the ugly truth by saying you forget all about it when they lay the baby on your chest. She has a knack for morbid sentimentality.

but yes, my attitude is very vulgar. I've placed a dark cloud over my cubby area, I glare at people when they talk to me, and I had the nerve to send an email to my director while he sat at his desk 7 feet away from me. The joy of being attitudish was squelched b/c he hasn't even checked the email yet...so I guess it does pay to send it b/c I would've forgotten to ask him by now. You know, this may be hormonal.

Anywho, my day dreamy nose, me, and Lil Bug will tarry off to no particular place. We're trapped in this joint for another 3 1/2 hours. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

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