Friday, August 3, 2007

Hot Dollar Report: Crowding the workplace

Well, I broke the news to 2/3 of my colleagues at work...only after one of them busted me out.

sitting at my desk this morn, 8:30ish, and I smell the hot, steamy, fresh out the grease smell of onion rings, particularly the onion rings from Sonic, and so I asked the office, "Does anybody else smell onion rings?" I mean, the smell was so clear. My colleague instantly gave me that raised eyebrow look with a smile and she was like "Something is wrong with need to go to the doctor...soon!"

Women just know. Especially other mothers. They know. You can't hide it. I just knew they were going to bust me out in my first few days. Those tight slacks were a clear giveaway. But innocent onion ring comment outed me.

Next step...telling my director! They reassured me it would be no big deal. I can't be fired thanks to that whole Family Act and some other laws I'm suspecting. How sad that had to be enacted. But me and this bourgie baby gotta make that cheddar...yes, this bourgie baby works too. He's the all new topic of discussion. He might as well have his own desk and/or cubbie.

Even though those onion rings were smelling good (were they really apart of my imagination?) I can't figure myself eating them right now. Luckily we're doing Chinese tonight (see previous entry "Ho Chi Mean Green").


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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling your baby is going to be brilliant...